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FREE Acceleration offers a free Bitcoin transaction accelerator that ensures your transactions receive rapid confirmations.

Auto Re-Broadcast

Our platform expertly rebroadcasts your transaction across a large network of Bitcoin nodes, increasing its visibility and probability of confirmation.

Service and Privacy

At service and privacy are not a tradeoff – they are a guarantee.

How Does the BTC TX Accelerator Work?

The BTC TX Accelerator is a Bitcoin transaction accelerator crafted to speed up the conformation time of unconfirmed transactions. Speed up your pending Bitcoin transaction with the click of a button! No need for registration or logging into the site, the only information you need is the transaction ID (TxID).

BTC TX Accelerator operates by retransmitting your Bitcoin transaction to numerous trusted public and private Bitcoin nodes. We keep a database of the best public nodes to broadcast your Bitcoin transaction to. We also use our own private nodes to make BTC TX Accelerator the best blockchain accelerator on the market

What is a Blockchain Transaction Accelerator?

A blockchain transaction accelerator is a useful tool that speeds up the process of confirming cryptocurrency transactions. It is especially useful when the network is busy or when transactions have low fees.

A transaction accelerator serves as a potent tool for individuals seeking prompt transaction validation in scenarios where the network confronts heavy congestion or when they have opted for diminished transaction fees. Through this service, miners prioritize these transactions, enabling prompt and efficient confirmation.

Why Is My Transaction Stuck and When will it get Conformation?

Bitcoin transaction confirmation delays are influenced by a variety of factors, including network congestion, transaction fees, and user-set priority levels. In periods of heavy network traffic, a backlog of unconfirmed transactions occurs (known as the Mempool) as miners are only able to include a certain amount of transactions in each block, resulting in extended waiting periods.

Additionally, choosing a lower transaction fee can result in miners deprioritizing your transaction, further extending the confirmation time. Other factors affecting transaction confirmation speed include network latency, bandwidth limits, external application problems, and the effectiveness of the blockchain network.

When Should I Use The BTC TX Accelerator?

The time it takes to confirm a transaction can vary depending on network conditions, fee structures, and mining pool participation, even when using a transaction accelerator. Accelerators try to make the process faster, so that confirmations happen in the next few blocks of the blockchain. However, they can’t give an exact time because the network traffic and miner availability can change.

What constitutes a Transaction ID (TxID) and where can I ascertain it?

A Transaction ID (TxID), alternatively denoted as a transaction hash, embodies an exclusive alphanumeric identifier ascribed to a cryptocurrency transaction within the blockchain. It serves the purpose of tracking, verifying, and confirming the status of a transaction.

By availing a blockchain explorer and scrutinizing the TxID, you gain access to indispensable transaction details, encompassing the sender’s and receiver’s addresses, the transferred amount, the transaction fee, and the number of block confirmations.

To ascertain the TxID of a Bitcoin transaction, follow these steps:
Should you aspire to explore further information about the transaction, such as the sending and receiving addresses, amounts, fees, and confirmations, copy the TxID and paste it into a Bitcoin blockchain explorer.

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Mining Pool Stats

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#1 FREE Bitcoin TX Accelerator -BTC TX Accelerator visual
#1 FREE Bitcoin TX Accelerator -BTC TX Accelerator visual
#1 FREE Bitcoin TX Accelerator -BTC TX Accelerator visual
#1 FREE Bitcoin TX Accelerator -BTC TX Accelerator visual
#1 FREE Bitcoin TX Accelerator -BTC TX Accelerator visual